About us


Our mission is to be the leading enabler of entrepreneurship through skills development on the African continent.


Unafundo was birthed from a cocktail of inspiration, frustration and innovation. We were and continue to be inspired by the creativity and innovation of small and medium sized businesses around us however we realised that there was substantial frustrated potential that was not realised, largely due to the absence of essential, relevant business skills. To address this need, we began offering finance literacy and enterprise development training in 2018.

What makes us different?

Our approach to Finance literacy and Enterprise development goes far beyond numbers. As the world becomes more connected and complex, so do the demands placed on the aspiring or current entrepreneur, leader or employee. We recognise that for true enterprise development to happen, particularly among Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs), we have to offer a multi-disciplinary approach. Through our in-house expertise as well as strategic collaborations, we offer a combination of financial, technological, mental wellness, leadership and legal skills development services aimed at unlocking business that we believe will sustainably reshape local and ultimately global economies.



What do we consider a success story?​

At Unafundo, we measure our success not just by the number of SMEs 

we reach but the quality of their business thereafter. The idea is to impart skills that will help them to be sustainable, scalable and attractive to investors.

Since inception, we have successfully trained no less than 20 SMEs across different industries. We believe that training and skills development is not a once-off exercise but rather it is a journey.

We tailor our offerings to best suit our client needs

We are a consultancy that is focused on Financial literacy and Enterprise development.
Our mission is to be the leading enabler of entrepreneurship through skills development on the African continent.

Team Leaders

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in charge of Projects and Technical Content Development

Khulekile Msimanga is a Chartered Accountant (SA) with several years’ experience in auditing, corporate financial reporting and finance coaching.
He brings experience of working with entities across various industries and is also a member of COMENSA.



in charge of Projects and Stakeholder Engagement

Provides a wealth of experience in the NGO sector and has a strong background in activism. She is a respected advocate of mental wellness awareness and has launched the Mental Health Series, in partnership with the South African Federation for Mental Health. Furthermore, she is completing legal studies and has deep interest in Human Rights and Maritime Law.

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